09/30/2021 – Dinner and Cigars with Justo Eiroa and JRE Tobacco

Another month comes to an end, another great “meet and greet” with an industry legend was held and enjoyed . Twenty of us gathered last night to eat, drink, smoke and learn. We had some new members, some great friends, even has a few spouses along to enjoy the meal with us.

Thank you to all the members that shared their evening with us at Cafe Vico. To Luz Normand and the Neptune Cigar team, You Guys Rock! Thanks for helping line up the event and for coming out and being part of the night. The sampler for the event was incredible.

To Justo Eiroa Jre Tobacco and Pete, it was a pleasure to learn about JRE Tobacco directly from one of the Eiroa’s and to enjoy the AMAZING cigars with you. Just listening to Peter Hernandez, so eloquently talk about the company, their products and what makes JRE/Aladino one of the best cigars on the market, was worth the price of admission.

I think I can say that everyone present had a great time. Stay tuned for next month’s event details.

Published by browardcigarboard

We are a group of local professionals with a passion for cigars. Come out to a Board Meeting, enjoy a good smoke and great company. DM us for sponsored posts. Visit us on Instagram @BrowardCigarBoard or on our Facebook Group @BrowardCigarBoard.

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