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Nothing beats a good meal and a cigar. Check out our new Directory page where we will list local establishments who are cigar friendly.


We never really left but we did take the summer off to work on some projects at home, smoked a lot of good cigars and contemplated the Universe! Below are some highlights of cigars I enjoyed over the break. Some standouts that I highly recommend were the Dunbarton Barba Amarilla and the Bandolero Firecracker. Both exceptional cigars that I really enjoyed.

The Board is back, and we hope to load this page with more content for you soon.

Summer has arrived to South Florida and between the heat and rain, planning events becomes very unpredictable. So to spare us any aggravation, we are going to forego any big events during this time and just tell interested parties to keep an eye on the Facebook Group page for any announcements or plan to meet us at Smoke On The Water in Weston, FL on Thursday nights.

I’ll try to update this site with anything new I am enjoying or any special events. Until then, here are some photos of what I am smoking these days.

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