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On April 29, 7:30 PM, we are meeting at the new Hollywood Twin Peaks restaurant, you’re welcome fellas! We have the entire 2nd floor balcony to mingle and enjoy some food, drinks and Oliva Cigars. We will have Albert Sosa, an account executive with Oliva on hand to speak with us about the brand and their blends.

Neptune has graciously provided our group a discount code for the event, or anything else you wish to use it for… the code is TWINPEAKS10. Be sure to use this at checkout. Neptune has several samplers for sale or you can customize your own on the Neptune Cigar site.

Our events have gotten better and better every month and we are working hard to bring the best cigar experience to our members. Bring a friend or your significant other. Come and participate, enjoy a nice night out with the other board members. Not a member, join up… it’s free. This event is open to all Aficionados.

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Oppose Federal Tax Increase on Premium Cigars & Pipe Tobacco


Senator Durbin (D-IL) has reintroduced a massive tobacco tax increase as part of a bill that is otherwise intended to address maternal mortality.  Buried within S. 411, the Mothers and Offspring Mortality and Morbidity Awareness Act (MOMMA’s Act), are changes to the tax code that would treat the entire tobacco industry as cigarettes.  The result is an estimated 500% – 1000% increase on the tax for premium cigars (depending on size) and a 1650% increase on the tax for pipe tobacco!

A tax this big isn’t just lost profit. This bill will raise the costs for manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. Jobs, businesses, and ability to buy and enjoy a premium cigar will be at risk.  Take action now by letting your US Senators know that S.411 (MOMMA’s Act) shouldn’t be paid for on the back of a single industry! 

Help protect our rights to enjoy our hobby, let your voice be heard. Click Here to send a letter to your representatives in opposition to Smoking Ban (SB334)

Are you a Connoisseur?

January 2021 Pack Beginning in January 2021, Abe and the crew at Smoke Inn rolled out a new monthly club for cigar connoisseurs looking to test their abilities in blind smoking tests. Visit Smoke Inn to sign up for your own Connoisseur pack. What follows below are my notes * and photos of the January 2021 inaugural pack. RememberContinue reading “Are you a Connoisseur?”

01/28/2021 – Board Meeting with Orlando Gee from the Divine Leaf

We had the pleasure of meeting with Orlando and Rick with Divine Leaf. Both of these guys are super passionate about their cigars and we had a great night speaking with them and learning about The Divine Leaf. Visit The Divine Leaf and sign up for their monthly box of eight (8) cigars for $55.

01/21/2021 – An evening with Reinier Lorenzo from HVC Cigars

On Thursday, January 21st, the Cigar Board hosted Reinier Lorenzo from HVC Cigars. The session was recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel for future viewing. The Cigar Board and our followers would like to thank Reinier for joining us and speaking so candidly about his start in the cigar industry, blending philosophy and inseminatingContinue reading “01/21/2021 – An evening with Reinier Lorenzo from HVC Cigars”

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