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Island Jim #2 Connecticut

Recently introduced at TPE 2023 and made publicly available at the Great Smoke 2023 held on March 18th, the Island Jim #2 Connecticut (CT) is a 6×52 Torpedo Vitola and a real beauty to behold. Named the #2 as an homage to the pencil it resembles thanks to the different…

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The Great Smoke 2023

The Great Smoke main event was held on Saturday, March 18th as an in person or virtual event. For the price of admission, attendees got an amazing sampler of 32 premium cigars, some nice cigar swag and the choice to take advantage of special deals from event manufactures. I setup…

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☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day, the one time a year where the world celebrates being Irish and relishes everything green. As a premium cigar enthusiast, I always want to choose a cigar that fits the days motif and keeps with the tradition of enjoying all things “GREEN.” For the last few years,…

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Summer is coming to South Florida and between the heat and rain, planning events becomes very unpredictable. So to spare us any aggravation, we are going to forego any big events during this time and just tell interested parties to keep an eye on the Facebook Group page for any announcements or plan to meet us at Smoke On The Water in Weston, FL on Thursday nights.

I’ll try to update this site with anything new I am enjoying or any special events. Until then, here are some photos of what I am smoking these days.

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