A good torch is an invaluable accessory for any cigar aficionado. Here are some ideas.


As a premium cigar smoker and Heat fan, I can’t wait to settle in with a good stogie and cheer on my team. Here are two good cigars for tonight’s matchup.

Introducing the CRA Stinky Ashtray 

Introducing the CRA Stinky Ashtray.  This new ONE-PIECE ashtray has all the features that made Stinky Cigar® ashtrays so popular! • Deep Bowl holds more ash & butts• Unbreakable• Windproof• Rustproof – (finishes applied over solid stainless steel)• It Floats These ashtrays are for sale on the Stinky Cigar® website for the special price of…

Prepare To Be Entertained

A guide for aficionados to the best Cigar based podcasts on the web. To coin a phrase, “Play one of these shows in your favorite podcast platform, you just might like it.”

The Great Smoke 2023

The Great Smoke main event was held on Saturday, March 18th as an in person or virtual event. For the price of admission, attendees got an amazing sampler of 32 premium cigars, some nice cigar swag and the choice to take advantage of special deals from event manufactures. I setup the Primavera lounge to watch…

☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day, the one time a year where the world celebrates being Irish and relishes everything green. As a premium cigar enthusiast, I always want to choose a cigar that fits the days motif and keeps with the tradition of enjoying all things “GREEN.” For the last few years, the Alex Bradley Filthy Hooligan…

02/26/2022 – The Great Smoke

Abe and the crew at Smoke Inn host an annual event for cigar aficionados called The Great Smoke. I believe 2022 marked their 16th event and was both an in-person and virtual venue. The event is a fun filled weekend with Pre-Parties, dinners, the main event, and a morning after breakfast. The show itself is…


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