10/02/2021 – Cigar Snob Magazine’s 15th Anniversary

What a terrific event tonight celebrating Cigar Snob Magazine’s 15th Anniversary. For a group of aficionados, this was an amazing peek behind the curtain. The event was first class all the way and there were so many cigar celebs in attendance! I was like a little kid running around trying to say a few words to each and everyone of these icons of the Premium Cigar industry. My apologies for being a star struck fan boy and all the folks I stopped and chatted with were so gracious!

The night served a dual purpose as it was my wife’s birthday which made the event all the more special since we got to enjoy it together. Thank you to Mr. Albert Sosa of Oliva Cigar Co. for thinking of our group and working to make sure we got to attend and represent the south Florida community of aficionados. Congrats to Erik Calvino and the team at Cigar Snob Magazine for putting on such an amazing event. Cigar Snob is a must read for anyone passionate about premium cigars. Subscribe, support and check out the snob podcast! Always full of laughs, info and great pairing ideas. Amazing evening and so much fun. 🙏🙏🙏 Thank you!

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