03/18/2021 – Aganorsa Leaf Tasting Event with Terence Reilly

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, the Cigar Board gathered at Cafe Vico in Ft. Lauderdale to enjoy an evening of fine food, good drink, and excellent cigars.

Working with Luz and the team at Neptune Cigars, we asked if Terence Reilly from Aganorsa Leaf could join us and walk us through a tasting event. Terence was more than happy to join us and the event was a success.

Below are the photos from the night, we also have a video posted on our Facebook group of Terence’s presentation.

Thanks to the team at Neptune Cigars for helping us put this event together. #neptunecigars

Thank you to Aganorsa Leaf for sharing Terence with us for the night. He was a wealth of information and we all enjoyed his presentation. I do believe Aganorsa gained many new fans that night. #aganorsaleaf

A big thanks to Chef Marco, Alex and the crew at Cafe Vico in Fort Lauderdale for hosting us. Everything was spectacular!

Cafe Vico Restaurant 1125 N. Federal Highway Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 .  Tel. 954-565 9681

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We are a group of local professionals with a passion for cigars. Come out to a Board Meeting, enjoy a good smoke and great company. DM us for sponsored posts. Visit us on Instagram @BrowardCigarBoard or on our Facebook Group @BrowardCigarBoard.

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