10/08/2020 – Downtown Cigar Bar Ft. Lauderdale

10/08/2020 – Our Thursday night meet has come and gone. Always good to get together and meet with the crew on a Thursday. We had a smaller turnout than expected but its about quality, not quantity. Thanks to the eight members who joined us that evening and thanks for bringing your friends.

Espinosa Cigars Warhead

The Santa Theresa Rum special was great, had my first serving neat to experience its flavor untainted and it paired nicely with the Espinosa Warhead. The Warhead has a very unique shape, draw was expectedly tight at first but opened right up and had tons of dark cocoa flavors and a strength kick mid way through that eased up near the end.

Archived Comments: We will be meeting at Ozzie’s Downtown Cigar Bar Fort Lauderdale this Thursday at 7pm EST. DTCB is running specials on Santa Teresa Rum and a discount on bulk cigar purchases for Broward Cigar Board members. See you there.

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