La Promesa by My Father Cigars

La Promesa Toro 6 x 52 and Ron Zacapa 23

I was able to enjoy the fine weather and La Promesa Toro 6×52 by My Father cigars yesterday. The cigar was adorned with exceptional My Father band artwork and a pink foot wrap. I personally really appreciate the amount of detail that goes into their cigar bands. The construction is what you’d come to expect from the company. Superb build, a good pack and weight, the 52 ring gauge I find is very comfortable.

La Promesa Toro 6 x 52 and Ron Zacapa 23

The cigar had a semi-sweet, spicy, tobacco scent with a light hay or barnyard thrown in. Those scents carried over to the flavors once lit. There was a cocoa flavor left in the finish which didn’t linger long. Burn was decent with a slight canoe that corrected itself after the first third.

As I got into the final third, an acidity built up in the back of my throat which was my queue to put the stick down and end my session. I didn’t find the Zacapa to be the best pairing with this cigar, I think a good cup of coffee may have been a better choice.

La Promesa Toro by My Father Cigars
Xikar XO cutter and Cigarasm Torch

La Promesa didn’t leave me wanting more. It delivered a good consistent smoking experience, no surprises and not a lot of complexity. I am looking forward to trying the cigar again in the future.

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  1. looks great

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