I always have a bag of accessories on hand with various cutters and a trusty torch to light my cigars. Of course, you can opt for a soft flame with matches or a cedar spill, but nothing will get the job done faster than a good butane torch. In all types of conditions, your torch will produce an adequate flame to get the foot lit and allow you to start enjoying your cigar.

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I classify torches into two categories, personal and tabletop. For me, personal means it is small enough to put in your pocket or travel case and good to light a few cigars. Tabletop models will generally be larger and allow you to light many cigars before needing to be refilled. These units are easy to share with others and my torch of choice is a favorite of our group. It is usually used by everyone at the table and my friends have come to rely on my torch when we are out and about.

A word of warning, travel with a torch is difficult and I would never recommend traveling through TSA with a torch in your carry on. If you do choose to take a torch with you, try to check it in or throw it in with your toiletries. Always fill the reservoir and turn the flame down all the way to where it is non-operational. If you claim it is broken and going for repairs, you may get it through security, but this is not recommended and TSA loves taking torches. You’ve been warned.

Always use a high-quality fuel when filling your torch to avoid having particulates clog the jets and extend the life of your torch. Also, pick up a bleed tool to remove air from the butane tank and make room for more fuel. I’ll link to my favorites below.


A personal torch is always a matter of personal preference. They come in all shapes and colors. From a razor-sharp single jet to models sporting four jets or more with the ability to light the thickest ring gauge cigar. Some models add additional functionality with built-in cigar stands or bullet punches. These are refillable and range from under $20 all the way up to the ultra-luxurious. I’ll share some standout models below.

There is nothing more iconic than the Zippo. These lighters are stylish and have been around since the 1930’s. Highly customizable, very portable and just so freaking cool! Grab a butane insert to convert your zippo case into a cigar friendly lighter.

Why settle for one when $25 can get you three great lighters? The Vertigo by Lotus is a popular torch you can stash in your kit and if you forget it somewhere you won’t worry much. It is a very reliable triple jet torch with a decent sized butane tank that easily outperforms and outlasts other more expensive torches.

The Xikar Tactical 1 is a stylish, single flame torch with a cigar stand built into the top. This torch also sports a large adjustment wheel and comes with Xikar’s lifetime warranty. This lighter is available in several finishes.

For the Connoisseur that has it all and wants to make a statement, the S.T. Dupont line of cigar accessories is it! I would never spend this much on a lighter however if you got it, why not flaunt it! The signature “click” sound when opening the torch will be sure to get everyone’s attention.


A terrific tabletop torch wearing the iconic Alec Bradley name, The Burner, is always a conversation piece. Drop this lighter on the table and watch your cigar buddies toast their cigars and adjust the flame to their liking. With a sizable tank, everyone loves this torch.

A larger version of the Burner above for a no hassle, no refill for days cigar bender! Alec Bradley boasts that this torch can stay lit for eight hours before needing to be refilled. No very portable but great for having the gang over to enjoy a day filled with cigars.

My personal choice in torch comes right out of the culinary world. The Brulee torch has been a staple for chefs around the world and I’ve found them to be highly reliable cigar torches as well. Very budget friendly with a long life and large tank. There are several styles to choose from.

Super stylish, coming from a company with a fantastic reputation for producing quality accessories. The Colibri Quasar Triple flame gets the job done in style. Available in several finishes to match any decor. Look for a matching cutter and ashtray to complete this stunning set.


This Bleed tool by Cigar Prop is invaluable to maintaining proper operation for your torch. It is a solid built accessory, and the integrated keychain allows you to take this with you everywhere. A must have!

I highly recommend using a quality butane fuel when refilling your torch to avoid damaging your investment. Colibri Premium does a great job and is available in single, two or three packs to fit any budget.

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