08/03/2023 – Aging Room Cigars and Rafael Nodal

Here is Raphael Nodal predicting where the new Sonata will place on the next Cigar Aficionado Top 25 List.

On Thursday, August 3, 2023, Board Members Athan, Bob, Farrel A, Farrel G, Garfield, myself, Joaquin, Joe, Ryan, and Vincent gathered at Smoke on the Water in Weston, for a Night with Rafael Nodal and Aging Room Cigars.

The Broward Cigar Board

SotW made available a sampler pack which included the award winning Aging Room Nicaragua, the new Sonata, a Montecristo 1935 and the new Montecristo Diamante. Attendees also received a bonus Sonata and a raffle ticket for some great swag.

Rafael is an incredibly charismatic speaker and a master blender. He shared his inspiration and story for the Sonata. A blend 10 years in the making and the follow up to the original Nicaragua. Once again, Nodal teamed up with AJ Fernandez, the objective was to use this special aged tobacco and to create a smoother blend that would appeal to all smokers.

Rafael also discussed the new Diamante 85th Anniversary with us and told us how honored he was to work on the special blend for an iconic cigar brand. The objective… “Don’t screw it up!” The reviewers tend to say mission accomplished and I am looking forward to smoking mine soon. I’ll jot down my thoughts and share it here in the near future.

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