The Aging Room Sonata is the latest collaboration between Rafael Nodal and AJ Fernandez. Drawing on the success of the Quattro Nicaragua, Nodal set out create a Nicaraguan puro that would be lighter than the predecessor, used different seed varieties from Fernandez’s farm and benefited from a longer fermentation.

Dressed in a striking black and yellow, the milk chocolate colored Sonata is available in seven different sizes. I picked up two Maestro 52 x 6 torpedoes for my review from Smoke on the Water (SotW) in Weston, FL. I smoked one upon purchase and stashed the second away to do a more formal review. I was impressed how much I enjoyed the Sonata right out of SotW’s excellent humidor. Both cigars provided over an hour and a half of smoking time, and I found the cigar was priced well.

The Maestro is a pointy torpedo, the tapered cap provides a comfortable mouth feel. The wrapper is attractive and has pronounced veins and visible seams indicating this is not a thin wrapper. It sports a fine sandpaper grit which you can feel with your fingers. The cocoa-colored leaf compliments the yellow and black coloring of the band.

The unlit cigar has an earthy sweet aroma which comes across stronger at the foot. Once lit, the draw on this well constructed cigar offers little resistance and has a smooth draw that pulls ample smoke. The first few pulls let you know this cigar is Nicaraguan with a pepper kick that builds on the palate. Flavors of musty earth, cream, and a slight sweetness open the senses. A retro hale in the first third rewards you with a medium strength burn in the nostrils that lingers for a minute or two.

My samples provided two transitions as the cigars passed through the thirds. While it started of with plenty of pepper, the cigar smoothed out in the second third and provided lots of musty sweetness. The retro mellowed out and reinforced the earth and cream.

As the cigar smoking experienced entered the final third, the pepper returned, the cigar remained cool with ample smoke. A medium finish lingered on the palate and the smoke aroma was quite pleasing. The ash was a stark white color and clung onto the body of the cigar. It eventually broke away in long inch and a half chunks.

The ash was not flaky, when I pinched some of the ash, it had a fluffy smooth texture that reminded me of baking flour. The bands were easily removed as the cigar burned down. The combustion line was very thin as shown in the photo and I did not need to touch up either of the cigars.

I tended to smoke both Sonatas much further than I would usually, just not wanting the experience to end. Excellent construction, good tobacco and a talented team have created what I believe will place very high on Aficionado’s annual charts for 2023/24. An excellent release from the Aging Room/AJ Fernandez team, the Sonata needs to be experienced by connoisseurs.


COLD DRAW: Earth, Musty, Cream

FIRST THIRD: Earth, Spice, Pepper, and Citrus

SECOND THIRD: Pepper died down, sweet Citrus, retro is very smooth.

FINAL THIRD: Pepper returns, citrus, musk

SMOKING TIME: 1.5 hours

I highly recommend picking up the Aging Room Sonata at your favorite premium cigar retailer.

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