Egg-citing Deals from Govee

We spend our hard-earned dollars on our collections of Premium Cigars, our humidors and accessories, but what are you using to monitor your precious collection?

A hygrometer is a tool used to monitor the relative humidity (RH%) of your humidor. The analog hygrometer shipped with your humidor is never exact and the process to calibrate it usually takes time and just tells you how far off the sensor is.

A digital hygrometer is the best method of monitoring your RH% and being able to monitor from anywhere in the world with your smartphone is even better. Add in the ability to track temperature as well and receive alerts if conditions go sideways is better.

This is where the Govee Wi-Fi Smart Thermometer/Hygrometer comes in. I’ve used my Govee for nearly two years and have been so happy with my purchase. Ending today is a special 8% discount on already sale priced single or three pack specials.

Visit Smart Sensors – Govee to see all the amazing sensors Govee has to offer.

A single unit is on sale for $29.99 while a three pack is a deal at $79.97 and remember to use Honey for deeper cash back deals ending April 9, 2023. Use Coupon code, APRIL8 for an extra 8% off your purchase.