Joya De Nicaragua Antaño Gran Consul

Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Gran Consul 4 3/4 x 60

The Antaño Gran Consul by Joya de Nicaragua has always been a goto vitola for me. I’ve preferred the stubby torpedo going back to my early days getting started with Premium Cigars.

I just recently found one hiding on a shelf of my humidor and knew that its time had come. This cigar had to have around three years of shelf life in my care. Its cellophane that protected it had darkened with a yellow patina.

The wrapper smells like sweet leather and tobacco and I use my trusty Perfect Cut to snip off the cap. I toast the foot of the thick cigar slowly savoring the aroma of the smoke coming off the foot. When sufficiently lit, I pop the stick in my mouth and pull a meaty puff of cool smoke through. I enjoy the peppery tingle on my lips, Instant Reward! I’ve gone far too long without enjoying an Antaño and the years have only made this cigar sweeter.

As I relish in Smokey bliss, I settle down to write this post and listen to the rain gently falling outside my home lounge. The afternoon rains herald the coming summer for South Florida, we are returning to our normal weather pattern. The cigar challenges me with two additional relights while I jot down my thoughts. Is it to dry or is just to humid outside and I didn’t allow the stick to acclimate?

Eureka! On the third go with my torch, the smoke thickens and the combustion begins to burn true. The notes of leather are strong with a sweetness to the finish that lingers on the palate. The retrohale is meaty, sweet, woody and comfortable, there is no sting on the nostrils. The ash builds in flakey solid layers. I pause my writing to admire the smoke curling up from the foot of the cigar.

Ringed in gold and red with the Joya trade mark green leaves, this cigar is a beauty. If you prefer a larger ring gauge, medium to full body cigar the Joya Antaño line should be in your rotation. Priced well within the reach of most aficionados the Gran Consul is highly recommended. A true specimen of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Look for the Antaño Gran Consul at your favorite retailer.

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