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A guide for aficionados to the best Cigar based podcasts on the web. To coin a phrase, “Play one of these shows in your favorite podcast platform, you just might like it.”

I am a cigar geek! I’ll be the first to admit it, I absolutely love the Premium Cigar industry and I love passing my time in the car listening to cigar related content. Below is a list of the Podcasts that fill time on my commute or while on the elliptical at the gym.

The following list is my personal opinion of who is putting out the best content to listen to. Your opinion may vary… but this is my blog, so continue reading below and don’t forget to comment with your favorites or a show you think I should check out.

The Cigar Authority – The longest running Cigar Podcast hosted by David Garafalo, owner of 2 Guys Cigars in New Hampshire, and his crew Barry Stein, Mr. Jonathan, and producer Ed Sullivan consistently put out the most educational podcast.

New shows air every Saturday with a mid-week wrap up show released on Wednesdays.

The AshHoles – Another great podcast from the 2 Guys Cigars crew, AshHoles is a shorter format podcast where Dave, Ed, Aaron and Chrisie all smoke the same cigar and discuss their experiences and end with a rating.

New shows are released each Wednesday.

A Cigar Hustler’s Podcast – Released early in the week, Mike and Mike broadcast from their studio at Cigar Hustler in Deltona, FL. The two hosts exhibit a quick wit and take turns having irreverent fun with life, cigar industry players and the news.

New shows are released early in the week.

The Cigar Pulpit – Hosts Nick and Gator bring the audience into their dysfunctional friendship and share their thoughts on the cigars they are enjoying. Lots of hijinks, laughter and a good measure of poop jokes ensue.

The Cigar Pulpit drops twice weekly, on Mondays and Fridays.

I have a few other shows that round out the week for me which I will list below. Some of these shows go deep into the industry and may not offer the entertainment factor of the ones highlighted above do. They do provide lots of information and perspectives I enjoy regularly.

  • Developing Palates
  • Cigar Coop Prime Time Show
  • Smoke Night Live – Cigar Dojo
  • KMA – Kiss My Ash
  • Box Press

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there are many other podcast available but some stopped producing content or I just got turned off for some reason or other. If you have a suggestion, please add a comment below.

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