☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

St. Patrick’s Day, the one time a year where the world celebrates being Irish and relishes everything green. As a premium cigar enthusiast, I always want to choose a cigar that fits the days motif and keeps with the tradition of enjoying all things “GREEN.” For the last few years, the Alex Bradley Filthy Hooligan had been my go-to cigar to celebrate. Last year I asked my tobacconist for some new options and was handed a Fuente Candela and a Foundation Upsetter. For 2023, two premium cigar manufactures have released special cigars which fit the Day’s festivities.

The first, All Saints St Patrick’s Firecracker, made in collaboration with United Cigars, is a diminutive barber pole vitola with a blend of Nicaraguan Candela and Ecuadorian Oscuro. The 3.5” by 50 cigar also sports a long pigtail cap that is made to resemble the fuse of a firecracker. For those of you who are familiar with the bitter, grassy heavy flavors of typical Candela wrapped cigars, the St Patrick’s Firecracker offers a nice balance thanks to the Ecuadorian leaf addition, and it does live up to its moniker with an elevated strength profile. A fun short smoke that I found to be a welcome change to the normal Habano and Maduro that I typically smoke.

Second is an exciting, limited Candela release by JRE Tobacco under the Aladino Brand. I have heard it said by those that have already smoked it that the Candela is a great cigar. Julio Eiroa has been growing tobacco for over 50 years and his treatment of Candela wrapped cigars is legendary. This cigar promises to set a new bar for Candela wrapper and I hope that the quick sale of the 400 boxes made encourages the JRE Team to produce more Candela offerings for us.

You must act fast if you are interested in trying either of these for yourself. Neptune Cigars in south Florida just received their allotment of the Aladino Candela and you may find them at other special JRE retailers. The All Saints/United Cigars may be harder to find since they were released earlier this year. Be sure to ask your favorite tobacconist about these cigars or take to the internet and search them out. You will not be disappointed with either.

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