03/24/2022 – Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust

For our March event, the Cigar Board teamed up with Neptune Cigars and Tribeca Restaurant and Lounge in Miramar to host, one of my favorite brands, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust. We had Pete Hernandez join us and talk to the attendees about DT&T. Pete gave us some background and history about Steve and the company and then he discussed the major blends available today.

Those who decided to purchase the sampler were treated to an Umbagog, Mi Querida, and two Sobremesa cigars, one in the pack and a Brulee when they arrived. Pete also had some polpetas on his person and was kind enough to share them with the members.

The weather and tapas were excellent, we were joined by some long standing members, our good friends at Neptune, and their significant others. We also met a new member, Rashid, who hung out and is a great addition to our group.

Enjoy some photos leading up to and from the night of the event below. I got to enjoy the Paladin de Saka that night and it wasn’t what I was expecting for a top shelf Sin Compromiso. I was bracing myself for a strong cigar but that Paladin was so smooth and refined. An excellent way to spend two hours with a premium cigar.