06/24/2021 – E.P. CARRILLO and Hollywood Twin Peaks

Just a few quick images from last night’s event. A big “Thank you” to all our loyal CORE members who come out, month after month, and enjoy these events we put together for YOU to enjoy.

David Spirt, you are a true Brother of the Leaf and welcome to join us anytime. You shared so much with us last night, it truly was an education and we are all better consumers because of you. The Pledge, for me, was spectacular and so deserving of all the accolades it has received. I am apologizing to the community right now… I’ll be clearing shelves when I find these in the B&Ms.

Neptune Cigars, you have been a tremendous partner in helping to line up manufactures and brands to showcase. As always, we couldn’t do it without your assistance and introductions. Thank you!

I hope everyone that picked up a sampler sets aside a good hour+ to sit and enjoy The Pledge for themselves. An absolute masterpiece of a cigar. Stay tuned guys as we have an invite to visit EPC and meet Ernesto himself, TBD.

Twin Peaks in Hollywood is a fantastic venue with plenty of space, cold drinks and great food. Thank you for hosting and taking such amazing care of our group. Hope to be back sometime in the fall.